Chapter 2503

The assistant was shocked. “The deceased was hung outside the building?” “Actually, this is the inspiration that Norman gave me. There’s a few feet's worth of extra ground protruding on the outside of the edge of the rooftop. Even if the rooftop had surveillance cameras too, the murderer would still be able to jump down and land on that tiny space. However, that plan will need at least two people to succeed. “The accomplice was on the balcony of the deceased’s apartment to assist the murderer who slid down the rope, and the accomplice must be someone who was very close to the deceased. He could use the excuse of going through the surveillance footage that recorded his beloved’s suicidal behavior and pretend to destroy the footage in anger, while the murderer could take advantage of that to escape. “ Rory laughed happily. “Yes, this is indeed more in line with a plot that has two criminals.” Freyja snapped her fingers. “But if there is only one murderer, the plot will be completely

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