Chapter 2504

“As for how the murderer escaped the building while evading all the surveillance cameras, there’s only one way down, and that’s the fire staircase, the only passage down the building that’s not being monitored. He could hide there until the next morning when someone discovered the body, then pretended to be the owner of one of the units and walked down to a certain floor through the fire staircase.” The assistant was puzzled. “Why would he hide until the next morning?” Rory got up slowly. “Because all residents would leave for work or school in the morning. It would be suspicious if he were to leave the building at night. So it’s better to take the elevator and leave the building while staying hidden among the residents who were going out the next day.” Everything made sense all of a sudden. Seeing their surprised expressions, Freyja smiled. “Of course, any perfect criminal’s MO will still have flaws in reality. They’ll never escape the law. I wonder if my plot is reasonable to you

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