Chapter 250

Nolan raised his brows and smiled. “Only you need to know if I’m weak or not.” Maisie’s lashes fluttered. If he said all that before this, she would have said that he’s shameless, but now… “I’ll… try to be nicer to you, seeing that you’re trying so hard.” Maisie felt bashful while she said that. “Nicer how?” Nolan got close to her and lowered his voice, looking at her gorgeous and lively face. His Adam’s apple moved. Maisie voluntarily kissed his lips. Nolan was stunned. His heart seemed to have melted, and he savored it. He loved the way she kissed him. “Reward.” After Maisie left his lips, she turned around to tidy up the first aid kit on the table. Her ears were red. Nolan wanted to let her get away, but he couldn’t stand seeing her being so bashful. Thus, he hugged her from behind, guided her to the couch, and held her down. Maisie pushed him away. “Nolan, stop it. We’re in… the office.” It would be awkward if someone walked in. “No one is coming in.” “Mm— But, your arm—

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