Chapter 2527

“Alright,” replied Daisie. Seeing how disappointed she was, Nollace landed a kiss at the corner of her lips and said, “Be a good girl. After I've settled all my affairs, I'll be free to keep you company.” Daisie did not say anything. Nollace went downstairs and summoned Madam Ames. “If Daisie wants to go out later, you go with her.” Madam Ames replied, “Yes, sir.” After Nollace left the villa, Madam Ames went into the kitchen. The maids in the kitchen were preparing lunch for Daisie. When they saw her, they greeted her, “Madam Ames.” Madam Ames nodded and said, “Is the lunch ready? I’ll bring it upstairs now.” The maid handed Daisie’s lunch to Madam Ames and went away. Madam Ames glanced at the nutritious meal on the tray and brought it upstairs. She knocked on the door and waited for a while. After getting Daisie’s approval, it was only then she pushed the door and entered the room. Daisie was sitting on a couch next to the window right now. A ray of light diffused through th

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