Chapter 2528

In the administrative office… A flashy-looking woman received the text message and hurriedly deleted it. Nobody would have expected that Madam Ames was a mole she placed around Daisie. ‘The royal bride-to-be in the rumor? Well, I can’t wait to meet her anymore.’ As soon as Daisie came out of the elevator, a woman came up and stopped her. “You’re the royal bride-to-be, right?” Daisie lifted her head and squinted. She had never seen the woman in front of her before. “Do I know you?” The woman stretched her hand toward her and said, "I'm Cecilia Taylor, His Highness' assistant. My grandfather is an Earl, and my father is a minister in the cabinet.” Just when Daisie wanted to hold her hand, Cecilia retracted her hand and smiled. “I'm sorry for telling you so much. But His Highness is still in a meeting. He's very busy, so I'm afraid he won't have time to entertain you.” Daisie's hand froze midair, but she soon returned to her senses and retracted her hand. With an indifferent face

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