Chapter 2552

‘Regardless of whether I want to fight for the position, everyone in the country will only think that I’m the most suitable candidate to take over the position as the country's princess. I want to fight over it only because I want that woman to know her place and leave the prince. ‘Why would I give her so much attention? At the end of the day, she’s just a daughter of the Goldmanns. ‘However, Nollace actually did this to me because of that woman, and my mother is expecting me to turn a blind eye to it!?’ Bianca knew what Cecelia was thinking and quickly tried to persuade her. “Cecelia, Nollace isn’t as simple of a man as you think he is. Think about the fate of those who have offended him in the past. Apart from being the son of Her Majesty the Queen, he doesn’t deserve you, my precious daughter.” How could Cecelia listen to her mother at this moment? She sneered. “If there are other princes, then I’ll choose to give up on him. But if you want me to give up now, you’re only turning

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