Chapter 2553

Lucius stared at the back of the car, and the smile on his face slowly disappeared. ‘The only person from the cabinet that Queen Diana has seen recently is Max. She has refused to see anyone from the rest of the cabinet. ‘I originally planned to win Max over, but this fella is too rigid and upright. He’s not tactful enough. It’s no wonder that Diana would choose him. ‘He’s only a young bird now, but it’ll be difficult for me to deal with him when he’s grown into a full eagle.’ On the other side of the city… After sending Daisie home and confirming that she had settled down, Nollace went into the palace to meet his father. During the meal with him, Nollace took the initiative to tell his father about Lucius. Rick lifted his head in surprise. “What? Then what about the baby?” “The baby is fine. Because if I don’t say so, the Taylors will have a hundred excuses to set foot into the palace and demand an explanation. Mom has just succeeded as the Queen, so I can’t make things harder

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