Chapter 2561

Nollace’s face sank. “It seems like she still hasn’t learned her lesson yet.” Cecelia might have already succeeded if he hadn't had some bodyguards to protect Daisie around the clock. “Well, she’s a Taylor, and her father is her biggest supporter. Do you think she'll have any respect for other people? Even the most powerful capitalist is raised by the Taylors.” Hedeon could see the whole picture better than anyone else. After all, there were countless plutocrats or rich kids in Haniston who took advantage of their family background to get everything their way. As long as their families remained standing, they could do everything they wanted to, and nobody could stop them. That was unless their families went down the hills or fell from grace. Nollace was playing with the pen between his fingers when he received a message from Edison. Edison was chasing after the two men on the street, but he soon lost sight of them. He clicked his tongue and gnashed his teeth tightly. He went b

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