Chapter 2562

At the Taylors… Cecelia pushed all the food that the maid had brought to the floor. “Get out! Get out of here!” Lucius and his wife came to the room. When he saw the mess on the floor, he frowned and dismissed the maid. Bianca walked into the room and sat beside the bed. Looking at her daughter, whose face was still swollen red, she said, “Cecelia, calm down.” “How can I calm down? That b*tch asked her man to slap me! She asked a lowly bodyguard to slap me!” Cecelia had never been humiliated like this before, and her face was livid with rage. Lucius came into the room, and his expression was dark. “It seems to me that you still haven’t learned your lesson. Cecelia, I'll disown you if you don’t stop now!” Cecelia’s eyes turned red when her father scolded her instead of comforting her. “Dad, are you blaming me? This is obviously that b*tch’s fault!” “Nollace is her husband, and he’s the prince. How can you fight with the royal family? I can't believe that you're so stupid. I wan

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