Chapter 2576

Yorrick looked at her and said impassively, “Do you want to go against the Queen’s order? Or are you implying that the Taylors are so powerful that you can even ignore the royal family?” “You—” “Cecelia.” Lucius rose up to his feet slowly and looked menacingly at Yorrick. “I’ve nothing to fear. I can go with you, but if I’m innocent, I won’t let anyone of you get away with it.” Yorrick smiled and moved to the side. “Please come with us.” Lucius flung his hand and left the living room, followed by the police. Cecelia dropped to the couch when her father was taken away, looking just like a wilted rose. Her father would never do something like that. He must have been set up. Suddenly, a person’s face appeared in her head. ‘It must be him! Nollace!’ At Blue Valley Manor… When Nollace and Daisie came down from the car, Cecelia’s voice boomed out. “Nollace!” Both of them turned their heads around to see that Cecelia was charging toward them. However, their bodyguards stopped her,

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