Chapter 2577

“Other than the Home Minister, the rest of the people refused to admit their doings. It seems like Lucius has a lot of confidence.” Nollace squinted and thought for a while. “I guess we can only try our luck on the Home Minister.” Since he was the only one willing to admit the guilt and take the blame, Lucius must have threatened him. Yorrick patted his shoulder. “We have only three days. Try your best.” After that, he turned around and left. Nollace came to the room that detained the Home Minister. The middle-aged man inside looked haggard. Apparently, losing his freedom was not a pleasant experience. When he saw Nollace, he was stunned for a moment, but he averted his gaze and remained silent. “Are you sure you want to take all the blame, sir?” He gnashed his teeth and said, “I don’t understand what you are talking about, Your Highness.” “It’s okay. After all…” Nollace leaned on the door. “None of you are getting away with it.” The Home Minister was stunned again, but he d

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