Chapter 2953

“I don’t know what to wear to meet the in-laws for the first time. If I dress up too much, it will feel too formal, but if it is too simple, it will seem like I don’t respect them.” Diana changed more than ten outfits, and they covered her bed, nitpicking all of them. Rick, who was long ready, looked at her helplessly. “As long as it fits. The previous one looks nice.” “Really?” She picked up the purple dress and stood in front of the mirror. “You’re right. I’ll go with this one, then.” Diana finally got dressed and walked into the palace hall while holding Rick’s arm. She remembered something. “What about a gift?” Rick knew she would ask, so she opened the car door for her. “I’ve gotten it. It’s in the car.” … Blue Valley Manor was very lively. Brandon and Freyja were there, and Diana and Rick arrived soon after. They didn’t have the royal guards with them to avoid looking too flashy. The royal couple walked into the hall, and the steward and helpers all bowed to them while

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