Chapter 2594

Sally Hathaway was pleased to hear that. “You’re always so sweet.” Titus was happy. “Well, your son was the one who took care of her. Of course she’s sweet.” Sally glared at him in annoyance and wanted to ignore him. She looked toward Diana and Nollace, who were standing, and smiled. “Nollace is getting more and more handsome. He looked more like Your Majesty now.” Diana held her hand and leaned down because Sally was shorter. “Thank you. Nollace does look more like me.” Nolan and Colton weren’t very happy about that. She only said Nollace was handsome. Was he the only good-looking one? Titus was even unhappier. He used to be very charming and handsome when he was young. Why did she not compliment him? Maisie and Freyja looked at each other as the men standing next to them were treated ‘unfairly’. Dinner was ready when evening crawled in. The table was about 25 feet long and covered in food—western, oriental, fruits, and dessert. Diana gave the seat at the end to Sally, who w

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