Chapter 267

Meanwhile, Maisie searched around the forest for a long time, but she didn’t know the exact location of the camp, so she was getting annoyed. Was she really stuck in the forest? If she continued moving around, it would be hard for the rescuers to find her. She should stay in her spot. Maisie removed her backpack and sat down, but she suddenly heard rustling coming from behind her. She got up slowly, turned toward the movement, and yelled, “Wynona?” She received no reply, and the movement stopped. She gradually saw a shadow, but it was definitely not human. Maisie carefully picked up her bag and took a step backward. The rustling immediately started, and a wild boar with black skin and sharp tusks appeared. Maisie started sweating and was frozen on the spot. The first thing that came to her mind wasn’t to run because she knew she couldn’t outrun it. She realized that the wild board didn’t seem to want to attack yet, so she shouldn’t make sudden movements. She stepped on a bran

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