Chapter 268

“I ran into a wild boar and sprained my ankle while I was climbing a tree.” Maisie had been so focused on climbing up, the pain of the sprain was overshadowed by the panic in her heart. She realized that much later. “Why are you in the restricted area? It’s a very dangerous place.” “This is a restricted zone?” Maisie asked. Cherie nodded, and the person next to her said, “This is an ancient forest that hasn’t been explored. There are a lot of wild beasts here. You were lucky to have just met a wild boar.” Even they didn’t dare to just wander in. Seeing a wild boar was nothing. If someone with no experience ran into a wolf pack, nothing would save them. Maisie was quiet. She seemed to remember something, and her face dropped. When they got to the camp, it was really late. When the training instructor saw that everyone was back, his tense face relaxed. But since Maisie had entered a restricted zone, he was still upset. “Don’t you know what restricted means? Are you trying to get i

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