Chapter 270

Maisie frowned and turned to look at her. “What did I do?” Wynona smiled gladly, thinking she had caught her secret. “About you stealing men.” This woman kept pretending to be innocent but had actually been sent to the camp because she was seducing someone’s man. Wynona had to expose the ugly side of her so that Francisco could see her for what she was! Maisie pulled her hand away and squinted. “I don’t think I’ve offended you in any way?” Not only had she brought her to the restricted area and abandoned her, but Wynona was also trying to chastise her based on a rumor? Wynona wasn’t going to back down. “You offended me by seducing Francisco!” Francisco? All for that man? Maisie laughed, raised her brows at her, and said, “It’s none of my business if you have a crush on Francisco. Why are you blaming me for your inability to attract him?” “I knew that you’re a vixen—” Maisie held Wynona’s chin, which scared her. “W-What are you doing?” That cold face got closer. “Did no one te

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