Chapter 271

“Who said we must deal with her directly? Isn’t Raven living in the same room with her? Since Raven is so close with her, let’s deal with Raven.” There was no training all afternoon, so Maisie stayed in her room to read books and plan for the assessments. ‘I’ll be able to apply to sit for the assessment in another two days. Half a month will go by in the blink of an eye.’ Maisie did not seem to have seen Raven for quite some time, so she put down her book when the sound of the door being pushed open came from the direction of the door. “Raven, you’ve come back—” Maisie turned around only to see Nolan closing the door, so she stood up immediately. “Nolan, why are you—” “Are you surprised?” Nolan locked the door from the inside. Maisie was afraid that Raven would come back to see the scene later, but when she was about to go and open the door, Nolan stretched out his arm, wrapped it around her waist, and carried her onto the bed. Maisie resisted. “Nolan, have you lost your mind? T

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