Chapter 275

“Yes, sir, she came to us and threatened us for no reason. She even hit Wynona. We obviously haven’t done anything wrong.” They had the number advantage and could testify for each other, so they were not afraid of Maisie’s explanation. Maisie was about to say something when the instructor struck the table. “Okay, there’s no need for further explanation. The training camp isn’t the place for you. You can pack up and leave now.” Wynona and the others were smug deep down. ‘No matter how powerful she is, isn’t she still the one facing expulsion in the end?’ Maisie stood there and did not even budge. The instructor looked at her and was bewildered for a split second. “Didn’t I ask you to go?” “I can’t go.” Maisie’s tone sounded calm. “Besides, they’re the ones who broke the rules first. Why am I the one who’s being asked to leave?” The instructor had never met someone as stubborn and disobedient as Maisie was, so he stood up in anger. “Maisie, don’t push your luck! This is a training

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