Chapter 276

“Have you not picked up anything good from the training camp? Have you only learned how to slander and bully your teammates here? Mr. Leach, you can punish them accordingly. Otherwise, this will happen again in the future.” When the instructor saw that Cherie had intervened with the matter, it was hard for him to say anything, so he said to them, “You girls will go to the field and give me ten laps!” No matter how unwilling Wynona and the others were, they could only accept their fate and leave the office furiously. Maisie followed Cherie out of the office. “Thank you for helping me out.” She could see that Cherie was defending her, so she was grateful to Cherie. “Maisie, there’s no need to be polite with me. By the way, Mr. Goldmann came over yesterday afternoon. Did you tell him that you trespassed the restricted area by mistake?” Cherie had wanted to report it originally, but Nolan already knew about it before she could report it. Maisie turned to look at her. “Aren’t you the

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