Chapter 282

Nolan swiftly undid her tights. However, his eyes dimmed all of a sudden. The tip of his tongue was resting on his back molars, and he seemed to be thinking about something. Maisie, who noticed that the situation was dreadful, wanted to escape his grasp. Unfortunately, he turned over and pressed her against the couch. … Maisie dashed back to the dormitory wrapped in her coat but ran into Rowena and Wynona on her way back. Rowena noticed that Maisie’s cheeks looked rosy while her hair was a little messy, not to mention that she was wrapping herself in a coat. She could imagine what had happened after Maisie went to see Nolan. The hatred that flashed across her eyes disappeared in an instant. ‘The time is still not right. I can’t make any move just yet.’ Wynona did not like Maisie initially, and her resentment for Maisie was even more pronounced, especially after Maisie won the assessment. Thus, when she saw her sneaking back, she could not help but mock her. “Hmph, judging from

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