Chapter 283

Rowena’s expression changed slightly. ‘This woman’s mouth is really filthy. I would naturally feel very proud when she said so in front of others, but saying this in front of Maisie will only humiliate me further.’ Wynona did not notice the change in Rowena’s expression and continued to glare at Maisie fiercely. “Let me warn you, Mr. Goldmann is currently in the training camp, so no matter how bad*ss you are, if you dare to make a move on me now, I—” Another slap stunned Wynona completely. ‘How dare she!’ A smile appeared on Maisie’s lips. “Are you threatening me? Do you want Ms. Summers to get Mr. Goldmann here to back you up? But let me make it clear to you now, once and for all. I’d still slap you even if Mr. Goldmann were standing here now. Do you want to try it out?” “You… You…” Wynona wanted to say something, but it felt like someone was shoving the words back down her throat. ‘Why does Maisie have the guts to act so presumptuously? Whose support does she have?’ “You won’

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