Chapter 297

Maisie wanted to sit up, but Nolan hurriedly supported her with a worried expression. “Zee, how are you feeling now?” Maisie looked at Nolan. The man had not slept for two nights, so his face looked a little exhausted while stubble was already starting to appear on his face. Although he looked a little disordered, it did not affect his appearance. “I’m feeling much better. I don’t feel any discomfort.” Maisie retracted her gaze. She sounded as if she had only fallen asleep. She then remembered something and asked, “By the way, my assessment results…” “You still care about your results?” Nolan frowned slightly and lowered his tone as if he was reprimanding a child. “Do your grades matter more than your life? “It seems that I have to punish those who organized the assessment. They’ve failed to implement good enough protective measures.” Seeing Nolan get up from his seat, Maisie stretched out her hand and grabbed the hem of his sleeve. “Sit down. You’re not allowed to leave.” Nola

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