Chapter 298

Maisie could not come up with a reason that made sense, but she had a hunch that Wynona might have been framed. The person who had framed Wynona knew about her personal grievance with Wynona… When she was entranced by her own thoughts, she did not notice the person who appeared outside the door. “Maisie.” Maisie returned to her senses gradually and found out that it was Raven. Raven walked into the room uneasily, clasping the back of her right hand with her left palm. “Maisie, I’m glad to know that you’ve woken up. And I’m so sorry for what happened before this. I know that there’s no way that you’ll forgive me, and I don’t expect you to do so either. But I only want to apologize to you… “I know, I chose to believe in Wynona’s words instead of yours. That’s how I misunderstood you. I actually thought that you truly had never regarded me as a friend. But it was all my fault, I’m sorry. You must’ve been extremely disappointed that day, right?” ‘I didn’t stand by Maisie’s side, nor d

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