Chapter 29

Maisie walked out and shut the door to Willow’s office. Looking at the document Willow had signed, Maisie smirked. Dealing with simpletons was so mundane. Just then, a call from Ryleigh came through. Maise walked toward the stairs before she picked up the call. “Zee, could you come with me to my Uncle Boucher’s birthday party tonight? I told my dad that I would bring the infamous designer, Zora. He’s been wanting to meet you since forever!” Hearing how excited Ryleigh was, Maisie answered reluctantly, “But I don’t even know the Bouchers…” “But I do! Since you’re back in the country, you should get to know more people. Who knows? You might even meet your soulmate tonight!” “I’m a mother of three kids. What soulmate?” Maisie sighed. “Aww, Zee! Come on! Say you’ll go?” She could never win against Ryleigh. Thus, Maisie had no choice but to accompany her best friend. ***** Mr. Boucher’s birthday banquet was held at the Regal Ballroom. The Bouchers were the real nobility here in t

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