Chapter 30

At that moment, two men stood above the stairwell. Leaning against one arm and holding a wine glass in the other, the man in the navy blue suit lowered his gaze onto the mesmerizing silhouette amidst the crowd. He turned to look at Nolan. Lifting up his wrist, he glanced at his watch. Nolan had been staring at the woman for over ten minutes. “That woman does look rather beautiful.” “Mm,” Nolan answered faintly. He had noticed her as soon as she walked in. Whenever the woman moved in the crowd, the gaze of every man around her followed, eyes burning with lust. Without needing any feigned effort to charm or be flirtatious, her just standing there was enough to keep all eyes on her. Helios Boucher looked at him with a glimpse of surprise. “How rare of you to actually find a woman attractive!” For all the years he had known Nolan, never had he heard the man agree out loud to a woman being beautiful. Not even Willow, who was always by his side. Nolan finally looked away. He finished

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