Chapter 300

After listening to what Nolan said about the Goldmanns’ history, Maisie was undoubtedly shocked and stupefied as if she had been told something extremely incredible. Nolan picked her up by her waist and placed her on his lap. “Zee, I’ve confessed everything to you now, so you should also know why my grandfather always brings Rowena along by his side and values her so much. This is all because Rowena’s grandparents were the ones who raised my grandfather.” Maisie pursed her lips and did not utter a single word. Nolan held her hand and placed it on his beating chest. “You have my word, as long as I’m still alive and well, I won’t let you suffer from any grievances, regardless if it comes from my grandfather, Rowena, or anyone else. Those people who make things difficult for you in the future can treat them as people who have offended me. “Even if it kills me. “I’m better off dead if I can’t keep my words to you or lose you.” Maisie stared in awe at Nolan, who was swearing to her wi

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