Chapter 301

The wind blew lightly while Maisie’s words lingered in the air. Rowena’s expression froze. Women had a great sixth sense. She understood what Maisie meant—she was definitely not going to let go of Nolan. The woman had climbed all the way to her head and announced her authority there. “Ms. Summers, you don’t look well. Are you alright?” Maisie pretended to be oblivious. Rowena smiled like it was nothing. “If you appreciate your relationship with Nolan so much, I hope you cherish it.” “Don’t worry, Ms. Summers. I’m not going to let any other woman get a chance.” Any other woman included Rowena. Maisie walked past her. She felt satisfied when she saw her expression. Rowena’s face turned colder and went from bad to worse. This woman had been so lucky that even a snake couldn’t kill her. That was why Wynona, that useless woman, had lost to her but did she really think she could stop her from loving Nolan? Rowena took out her phone and sent a message: [Go look into the Vander

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