Chapter 304

Maisie didn’t say anything. ‘Their Godfather Helios?’ These two rascals were really good at flattery. Nolan walked to Mr. Cheshire, who nodded and said, “Mr. Goldmann, Elder Master Goldmann has been waiting for you for a few hours in the study.” “Alright.” Nolan nodded and said to him, “Bring the kids downstairs.” Maisie slowly stood up and let the three go and play. Nolan held her hand and walked into the villa. When the two walked into the study, Rowena was there along with Titus. Titus sat behind the desk. Maisie’s eyes turned cold without knowing why. “Grandpa, Maisie has completed the assessment and passed. So about our wedding—” “I stand firm on my rejection of your marriage!” Nolan’s face was ice cold. “You’re back-paddling?” “Yes, I’m back-paddling. You cannot be with this woman!” Titus’ attitude toward Maisie changed drastically. He was even firmer than he was before she went to the camp. Maisie didn’t know why he would reject her so strongly. She had complete

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