Chapter 305

Rowena was shocked. How dare she go against Titus! Hah, she had fully angered him. That would be the end of her! “You!” Titus’ face looked dim. He was furious. “Get out, now!” Nolan held Maisie’s wrist, turned around, and coldly said, “The only woman that I will ever want to marry is Maisie.” Seeing him leave without even looking back, Titus was reminded of how his son Nicholas was as stubborn when he wanted to marry Natasha. His eyes darkened. Although his son had married Natasha, he had agreed to it even though he wasn’t happy about this daughter-in-law. This was different. Even if Maisie was a Vanderbilt, she had de Arma blood flowing in her veins! That woman would be the death of him! Rowena’s heart was frozen. She had been under the impression that by informing Titus about this, he would stop Nolan from being with Maisie, but… Nolan was willing to disobey his grandfather instead of giving up on that woman! “Grandpa, don’t worry. Ms. Vanderbilt’s children just tie Nolan

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