Chapter 307

Nolan turned his head to look at her, and then he was dumbfounded. Maisie was wearing his white shirt that could barely cover her thighs. Her long hair cascaded down her back, and the loose sleeves completely covered her hands. She left her collar marginally opened, giving Nolan a chance to take a glimpse at the view within. He knew she was a mischievous little darling, but he did not expect the sight of her wearing his shirt would be such an intense torment to him. “Is the dinner ready, Nolan? I’m hungry,” Maisie said. She flung the sleeves weakly as she walked up to the table to get some water. Nolan clicked his tongue and turned the heat lower. He approached Maisie and secured her in his embrace. Lifting his brows, he asked, “You’re hungry again?” Maisie’s hand that was holding the glass trembled. It was only when her stomach growled that Nolan chuckled and tousled her hair. “I’m just joking with you. The dinner is ready.” Nolan brought their dinner to the table. He had prep

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