Chapter 308

“Since Nolan wants no one but you, I hope that no matter what happens, you will stay by his side forever.” Maisie was stunned. She did not know why but she had a feeling that Mr. Goldmann Sr. was entrusting his son's future to her. She forced herself to smile and replied, “Don’t worry, Mr. Goldmann, I…” She took a look at Nolan, who sat “quietly and obediently” beside her before continuing. “I won’t leave him alone.” Nolan lifted his eyebrows slightly. Considering the fact that his father was so worried about the things between him and Maisie, he figured that he should treat him better next time. Nicholas nodded in satisfaction and replied, “Good, good, good. I’ll take care of his grandfather. As for you guys, just take your time and enjoy your life. I’m sure that his grandfather will accept you as well one day.” After they had finished speaking, Maisie gave the phone back to Nolan. Grinning like a Chesire cat, Nolan pulled her into his arms and said, “Did you hear that? My dad

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