Chapter 309

Maisie finally saw the light right now. It was no wonder that no matter how much she earned, her three kids still said it wasn't enough. She was truly poor in comparison to a capitalist! Suddenly, Nolan’s phone rang. He pulled his phone out, and the person who called him was none other than his grandfather. He did not walk away to answer the phone. Instead, he picked up the phone in front of Maisie and said, “Yes?” Titus seemed to have said something, and his face turned grim. Nolan snorted coldly and replied, “Hah, so you're even meddling with people around me now? Where’s Quincy?” Titus replied, “I've sent Quincy on a field trip. What's the matter? Is Rowena not capable enough to fill in his place?” Nolan frowned slightly after he heard what Titus said. Titus had transferred Quincy away from him and arranged for Rowena to be his assistant. It seemed that Titus wanted to give Rowena a chance, and he did not like it at all. “Blackgold Group isn’t the Night Banquet. You don’t h

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