Chapter 318

Daisy’s eyes reddened, and she didn’t say anything. Colton hugged her to console her and stared at Titus. “We don’t want food from this woman.” To them, anyone who wanted to take their father away from their mother would be a bad woman. Even though Rowena was disappointed, she still looked gracious. “It’s alright, Grandpa, don’t blame the children.” This little girl would get what she deserved one day. Titus angrily slammed the table, his anger scaring everyone. “I’m not your grandpa nor your father. If they pampered you in the past, I’m going to change your bad attitude. Apologize to Aunt Rowena!” Colton and Daisy were obviously startled by his anger, but they were still stubborn and refused to apologize. Waylon angrily looked toward Titus. “We don’t need to apologize to her.” Mr. Cheshire almost had a heart attack when he heard that. How could this little child talk back to Titus? Titus was shocked. This child was extremely hostile, but he had to subdue these children.

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