Chapter 319

Waylon was going to grow up into someone extraordinary. The smell of the spaghetti floated into his nostrils and made that old man hungry. Daisie noticed that and brought her plate over. With watery and innocent eyes, she said, “Great-grandpa, do you want some?” Titus paused. He had yelled at this child in the evening, but now she was willing to share her food? Titus still had to keep his pride, so he cleared his throat, turned his face away, and said, “Don’t think that I will forgive you just because you did this.” Daisie lowered her head and took her plate back, disappointed. “We know that you don’t love us.” The old man widened his eyes. “Who says I don’t love you—” “There’s some left in the pot if you want some. If not, it’s fine.” Waylon cut him off. Titus was rendered speechless. Had he grown too old? How could these three children walk over his ‘fierceness’? Forget it. There was no point arguing with children. Titus took a plate for himself. He wanted to try out Wa

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