Chapter 344

“Where’s my grandfather?” “Elder Master Goldmann just went to bed for a nap,” Mr. Cheshire replied. “What about Maisie? Didn’t my grandfather summon her over?” Seeing that Nolan was anxious about this matter, Mr. Cheshire grinned. “Elder Master Goldmann did summon Ms. Vanderbilt back here, but don’t worry, he didn’t make things difficult for her. Instead, he took a step backward and agreed to your marriage.” A hint of surprise flashed across Nolan’s eyes. He then thought of something and asked in an indifferent tone, “Did he name any condition?” ‘Judging from Grandpa’s temperament, he must have agreed with our marriage only after some compromises were made.’ Mr. Cheshire nodded. “Elder Master Goldmann agreed only after seeing Ms. Vanderbilt’s firm stand in the Goldmanns’ position. He was afraid that the de Armas would use Ms. Vanderbilt to deal with you. “Ms. Vanderbilt promised that she wouldn’t let the de Armas succeed in doing so, and Elder Master Goldmann asked her to promis

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