Chapter 345

Willow admitted all the things that she had done bluntly, and there was a hint of ridicule in her eyes. “Anyway, what can you do even if you get to know it now? Maisie, since I’m not living a good life, how can you live a better life than me?” ‘I hate this! Why am I not Stephen Vanderbilt’s biological daughter, and why don’t I share the same luck and background as Maisie!?’ “So, I’ll make sure you disappear from this world forever. No one will snatch anything from me or go against me ever again as soon as you disappear for good!” ‘Anyway, my mother is already in jail, and I’ve lost everything. I don’t even have a home now, so what’s there to be afraid of?’ Looking at that insane and morbid state that Willow was in, Maisie did not feel pity for her at all. Instead, she felt Willow was utterly pathetic. “Willow Vanderbilt, you really never reflect on yourself from your own perspective, huh? “Aren’t you the one who chose to tread down this path yourself?” Maisie asked her again. “Wh

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