Chapter 346

Maisie glanced at Willow and smiled. “Rather than ask her for money, why not ask me? It’s just money.” The men hesitated. Willow’s expression changed. “Don’t trust her!” “Willow, why are you putting up a fight when you’re already in trouble?” Maisie got close to her ear and scoffed. “When I’m done with you, there’s no way they will be able to get the money from you anymore.” At that moment, the two guards were tossed in. A few bodyguards in black came in with weapons, and when the two men tried to run, they were tackled onto the floor and held down. Nolan slowly walked through the door like an angel descending from the heavens. The aura he emitted froze the entire area. His coldness subsided a little when he realized that Maisie was the one holding hostages. “Nolan, save me! Maisie has gone mad, she wants to kill me!” Willow started yelling the moment she saw Nolan. Nolan didn’t look at her, nor did he acknowledge her. He instead looked at the bodyguards. The men walked to Ma

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