Chapter 351

The female staff member shuddered in fear when she saw Maisie after she had finished speaking. “Ms… Ms. Vanderbilt…” “What are you guys talking about?” Maisie asked, grinning widely. The two women swallowed back the words on the tip of their tongues as embarrassed expressions appeared on their faces. “It’s okay. I won’t get mad at you two. I just want to know who told you about these,” Maisie said slowly. After realizing that Maisie was not mad with them, one of the female staff members opened her mouth and stammered, “We… We heard it from the administrative office above. They… They said that you refused to let Mr. Goldmann attend the meeting yesterday.” Squinting her eyes, Maisie repeated, “The people from the administrative office?” The female staff member nodded. She suddenly thought of something and continued fretfully. “It seems like Ms. Summers said something to them, and then…” Understanding instantly dawned upon Maisie. “Alright, thank you,” she said, nodding while bea

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