Chapter 352

“You…” Rowena clenched her fists tightly as she stared at Maisie. Her eyes turned scarlet with hatred. The rest of the people in the office fell silent. Truth be told, Quincy was the one who settled most of the matters in the company, and Nolan indeed had entrusted many jobs to him. However, after Quincy had been transferred to another position and Rowena had replaced him as Nolan’s secretary, they did not know why but Nolan had become busier. Nolan was their employer, meaning he had hired them as his workers. When he couldn’t attend a certain meeting, Rowena needed to host the meeting as his secretary. It was only now they realized that Rowena had misled them. They also had realized that Maisie was not a pushover. They all heaved out a sigh of relief, for they weren’t the ones who had gotten beaten by Maisie. Keeping the smile on her face, Maisie said, “Ms. Summers, if you think you can’t handle your job effectively, maybe we can have Quincy swap with you. After all, Quincy is mu

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