Chapter 353

Nolan’s lips were tightly pressed. It was indeed Rowena who had brought him the photo that time. ‘So that photo was taken by Wynona?’ he asked himself. “Nolan,” Maisie called, pulling him out of his thoughts. “Yes?” “What happened?” she asked, staring at him straight with her clear eyes as she was surprised that he would get distracted. She then thought of something and said with a frown, “You didn't have someone keeping an eye on me secretly, did you?” Nolan stroked her cheek with his hand and replied, “Cherie and Hans would inform me of anything that happened to you at the training camp. However, Rowena was the one who told me about that thing about you and Francisco.” ‘Rowena?’ Maisie lowered her eyes. ‘So Wynona was Rowena’s “spy” in the training camp?’ Maisie realized why Rowena had worn the ring and had come to find her. It turned out that Rowena had wanted to cause a misunderstanding between Maisie and Nolan because of the things that happened between her and Francisc

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