Chapter 356

Maisie did not even jitter for a split second. “I believe in Nolan.” When Maisie was bringing Colton away, she thought of something, turned around, and said, “I know about Nolan’s mother. I won’t be able to forgive the de Armas if you really did such a thing.” Maisie left with Colton after saying that. Sitting in his seat, Louis looked expressionless. He said while glancing at Hernandez’s face that looked a little embarrassed, “Grandpa, if there’s nothing else that needs my attention, I’ll go back first.” “Did you text her to inform her?” Hernandez asked coldly. Louis nodded. “Yes, I didn’t know your intentions when you were searching for that child. Not to mention that Mother has said that we should keep the past in the past. Why are you still so obsessed with it?” Hernandez slammed the table and reprimanded angrily, “The Goldmanns should never be kept in the past. All of them deserve to die!” Louis could see that Hernandez could not let go of his prejudice against the Goldmann

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