Chapter 357

Maisie met his smiling eyes and played along. “Since my husband wants to stay for dinner, then we’ll just stay back for a meal.” The three rugrats could not help but feel bothered. ‘Eww, that’s disgusting!’ During dinner, the maid stood by them and served the dishes. Nolan had never come back for dinner ever since he moved out, so tonight was the first time he came back for a meal. The three rascals sat beside their parents and gobbled up their food as if a three Michelin-starred restaurant chef had prepared the dinner. Titus could see that the kids had not been so diligent while eating their food during normal days. ‘Sure enough, they’re very happy when their parents are around.’ “Ahem, since you’ve come back, you should just move back in,” Titus suggested. Nolan raised his eyes and then said lightly, “It’s inconvenient, as we’re planning to conceive another child.” Maisie’s hands trembled, and she stared at him in surprise. Not to mention her, even Titus was surprised. “Yo

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