Chapter 364

Now, their daughter was no longer around. She had wanted her to work with powerful people for a chance to get a high-paying job. Now all they had left of her were empty dreams. Maisie smiled. “How much do you want as compensation?” “At least $800,000.” Cherie almost lost her cool when she saw Mrs. Winters trying to take advantage of the situation. $800,000? She thought that $800 was too much! Maisie smiled. “Do you plan to come back and ask for more when you’re done spending that?” Mrs. Winters was stunned, as though Maisie had seen through her plan, and angrily said, “What are you trying to say? Are you going to give it or not?” “Cherie, what is the legal term for this?” Maisie didn't answer her but instead asked the person beside her. Cherie picked it up right away. “Extortion. The minimum sentence is three years, but if it’s for an amount as much as $800,000, I’m guessing maybe 15 years.” The two old people looked terrified. “How is this extortion? You’re just slandering u

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