Chapter 365

Maisie looked at Cherie. “If they were really instigated, they wouldn’t dare step out of line.” If no one were instigating them, they wouldn’t know about Wynona and Maisie’s rivalry at the camp, nor would they dare think that she had caused Wynona’s death. Thus, the person behind them must be closely related to Wynona. At Blackgold… Nolan was on a call at his office desk. He looked at the file in his hand, and his eyes turned dark. “Keep your eyes on them. Also, look into Wynona’s parents. See who they have been in contact with recently.” The person said something, and Nolan ended the call. At the same moment, he received a text on his phone. [Mr. Goldmann, Maisie has settled it!] His eyes were a little less cold after reading Cherie’s text. His pretty little wife had settled the issue with the two old people, and it was time he helped her settle something else. The news about the accusation from the Winters was gone quickly. Even when people clicked on the links, it would

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