Chapter 366

Nolan let out an evil smile, rendering Maisie speechless. After they had finished the meal, Maisie returned to the room to find that Nolan was sitting on a chair with his legs crossed next to the window, running his fingers over the document in his hand. “What is the thing that you want me to see?” Maisie approached him and sat beside him. Nolan handed the document to her and replied, “The thing that you want to know.” Maisie was stumped. She took over the document and glanced through it. The images on the document were photocopied. Although it was black in color, it could be seen clearly. Then, a photo from the security footage of a reflexology center caught her attention. The woman with heavy makeup was none other than Willow, and she was talking to three people in the picture. “This is… Willow?” “Yes. I had someone go to the Underground Freeway to retrieve the security footage. They were the ones who took Willow away,” Nolan replied flatly. Maisie looked at the three people

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