Chapter 367

Maisie was so exhausted that she did not know when or how Nolan had brought her to the washroom to take a shower. When Nolan put her back on the bed and was about to tuck her in the blanket, his phone on the desk vibrated. Nolan picked his phone up, and his gaze turned sharp. [Hans: The Winters have run into an accident. Mrs. Winters died on the spot from serious injuries while Mr. Winters was admitted to the ICU. The doctors are working hard to keep him from dying.] [Nolan: Send someone to man the perimeter of the hospital in case some people want to get rid of him. Also, don't tell Cherie about this matter first.] Nolan put his phone down and turned around to look at Maisie, who was fast asleep. He did not want her to get the wrong impression that she was the one who had brought this disaster to the Winters. After putting on his clothes, he left the room quietly. In the hospital… “Mr. Goldmann, you’re here.” Hans hastily approached Nolan when he saw him. “I’ve already sent s

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