Chapter 368

That being said, Maisie still felt sorry for Nolan. She stroked the back of his hand, lowered her eyes, and said, “Nolan, no matter what happens in the future, I’ll not leave your side. Unless…” ‘Unless what?’ Well, she hadn’t thought of that yet. She did not know why she would say something like this all of a sudden. Perhaps, it was because Nolan had tolerated everything of hers? She couldn’t tell. In the past, she had been under the impression that Nolan was only a passerby in her life, and perhaps he was only doing it for the sake of the three kids. However, after spending so much time with him, she realized that Nolan was the one who had contributed the most to their relationship. A smile appeared on the tip of Nolan’s lips as a surge of gentleness rose from the depth of his eyes. “It took so much effort and time to get you to my side, so how is there any possibility I will push you away? There's really no way you can leave me either. Unless, of course, I die.” There was

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