Chapter 375

Maisie chuckled. “Your pupils obviously dilated when I asked you the question just now. That proves you’re very nervous about this question. Not to mention the hesitation that you showed when you answered ‘No’.” “I told you, no!” The man was agitated all of a sudden and seemed to want to pounce at her with all his strength. Unfortunately, he was subdued on the ground by two men in black. Maisie was taken aback, but she quickly regained her composure, stood up slowly, and looked at him expressionlessly. “Although I don’t know which one of the two reasons fits your situation the best, you’d better think about whether you have the bargaining chip to keep them safe or not. You should’ve seen the fate of the Winters, after all. You’re the person who’s caused that incident, so you should know best.” The man lay on the ground, did not move, and looked at the distance with his blank eyes. Nobody knew whether he had run out of energy to put up a fight or had given up hope. Nolan walked to

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