Chapter 376

Rowena realized something, and there was a subtle change in her expression. “Maisie, don’t try to frame me without evidence!” “I’m not framing you.” Maisie beamed her face in a bright smile. “How did you come to the conclusion that I’m framing you? Even if that man did it, he said he knew you, so I just asked.” Maisie wanted to go in but pretended to think of something, then said, “By the way, do you remember that the man had bumpy skin with acne scars?” “That’s not possible—” Rowena suddenly gulped while her shoulder shuddered and her face turned a little paler. Maisie walked into the office, and Rowena rushed to hold her. “You best be clear—” When Rowena saw Nolan sitting in the office, the uneasy feeling in her gut suddenly became clearer. “Nolan I—” “It seems like he really was working for you.” His casual words turned Rowena’s face as white as a sheet. She realized that all that had been a trap waiting for her to fall into. She knew that she had fallen into their trap when

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