Chapter 377

“Rowena, you know my bottom line, yet you’ve crossed it. You still want my trust?” These words rendered Rowena speechless. Nolan didn’t give her a chance to explain herself. “I could let you off for instigating something between Zee and me, but when you did that to Grandpa and told him something behind our backs, I think there’s no longer the need for clarification.” Rowena’s face was white as a sheet, and she felt absurd. She held her fists and asked, “Why didn’t you call me out in front of Grandpa then?” Nolan sniggered. “Doesn’t Grandpa trust you? I wanted to know your motive.” Rowena lost her strength. Maisie turned to look at her. “Were you involved in Wynona’s case too?” Rowena fiercely stared at Maisie, “How was Wynona’s case related to me?” Maisie calmly said, “Weren’t you well aware of my rivalry with Wynona in the camp? If I died, Wynona would be the biggest suspect. Since we have a tumultuous relationship, Wynona would be the biggest suspect. “However, it was easy f

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